Three Key Benefits of Basket Blasters

Empire’s BB2 and BB4 Basket Blasters automate cleaning, peening and finishing of small work-pieces. With certain types of parts, no other finishing method can compare to these heavy-duty production machines in terms of speed and quality results.
Typical applications are for parts or items that may be rusty, or in need of cleaning, or where you need to achieve a required surface finish for coating. Other applications include:
•    Refinishing
•    Surface preparation for coatings.
•    For batch processing – nuts, bolts, fittings, fasteners
•    Parts have to be able to withstand part on part contact

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Ergo Abrasive Blast Cabinets Cabinets


From an operator standpoint air-blasting is a physically demanding operation. Manual blast equipment is strenuous to use. Typically the operator is standing for long periods of time and the blast process requires repetitive motions to ensure a proper finish.  These factors brought about the design of the Ergo Cabinet.  Why not have the operator sit down versus stand to facilitate task performance, minimize fatigue and repetitive stress injury by fitting equipment to the body size, strength and range of motion of the user.

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What Is The Difference Between Pro Finish and ProFormer Systems?

The difference between a Pro Finish system and a ProFormer system is that the ProFormer is an all-in-one unit with only two connections required: air & electrical. The ProFormer cabinet is designed for production blasting and enables you to perform multiple tasks. You can clean, peen or prep for a coating by simply varying air pressure and blast media. The cabinets can be specified with suction-blast or pressure-blast systems and have a wide range of standard factory options.

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Designed with Comfort in Mind

Empire is proud to introduce an ergonomic glove-ring design which promotes better operator performance with a built-in armrest.
As shown in the drawing to the right, the ERGO Ring changeover is fast and simple with hand tightened knobs. Entire glove assemblies can be switched quickly outside the blasting environment for better operator hygiene. Upgrading is easy and our retrofit package includes all needed parts.
  1. Remove old glove rings.
  2. Place new rings in cutouts to mark drill points.
  3. Drill 7/16” holes through marks.
  4. Pass 3/8” bolts through cabinet wall from the inside and secure with 3/8” nuts.
  5. Pass new rings over bolts and secure with knob fasteners.

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Expansion of the Pro-Finish Cabinet Line

EQUIPMENT: Since the introduction of the PRO-FINISH Cabinet Line in 1983, Empire has continued to add cabinet sizes and equipment types to meet the ever-growing market demand. In the early 80’s, we had only 4 to 6 basic cabinet sizes to choose from and a limited amount of cabinet options.
Through the years, Empire has developed many different cabinet sizes and optional configurations to meet our customer’s needs. As a result, many have been incorporated into our standard line. Examples would be the Pro-Former, 7272, 60120, 3674, IL-885 and BB 1, just to name a few.

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