SafeStrip ™ Technology Offers New Opportunities in High-Precision, Micro-Flow Applications.

Some very attractive markets, including medical manufacturing, aerospace and micro-electronics to list a few, now rely on precision blasting (i.e., blasting with fine media at very low and precisely controlled flow rates) for a variety of cleaning and finishing procedures.
Until recently, many of these applications, particularly those requiring the use of very fine media at flow rates measured in grams per second, were not ones in which Empire participated. Some imaginative matchmaking between our Portable and Automation groups, however, has put a new spin on this picture.

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Sure-Flo ® Grit Valve Charts a Straight Path To Bigger Blasting Profits

Even under ideal conditions, outdoor blasting places harsh demands on both operators and equipment. When rain, freezing temperatures, and remote locations complicate the challenges, they magnify the role of blast-equipment performance and dependability.

As a leading producer of portable blasting equipment for over 60 years, Empire knows the importance of reliability and builds it into every SuperBlast® portable — all the way from the tread on the tires to the tip of the nozzle — while placing special emphasis on the grit valve, a leading troublemaker in competitor’s designs.

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SuperBlast® Ready to Roll For Infrastructure Boom

The major stimulus package aimed at upgrading U.S. infrastructure should trigger a host of new sales opportunities for portable air-blast equipment.
Staying ahead of the competition, Empire SuperBlast® portables have become even more portable with the addition of two wheels as an option. Available on 1050 and 650 SuperBlast models, as well as the 350 model shown, our four-wheel platform enhances user friendliness by improving manueverabililty. The extra wheels are offered as an option only, not as standard equipment.
But let’s not forget the many field-proven features and innovations that have established SuperBlast as the industry’s premier portable — and as the leading candidate for infrastructure blasting projects.

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