Automation Overview: TT20 Indexing Turntable Machines

Indexing Turntables are among the most common equipment to automate your blast operation. Their design has certain inherent features that promote versatility, ease and economy of operation. Such machines are often classified by their main table size, quantity of nozzles, and type of media propulsion, i.e. suction and pressure.

Empire TT Indexing Turntable Machines are manufactured in three standard versions, TT-20 (20″ diameter), TT-36 (30″ diameter) and TT-48 (48″ diameter). Our focus for discussion here is the smallest of the range, TT-20.

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Advanced Automation: Pre-Engineered to Custom-Built Systems

Empire offers two distinct approaches to achieve the best finishing solution for each robotic application.  The first approach is a pre-engineered blasting system. These systems have two types of design layouts starting with two forms of pedestal-mounted robot machines and an inverted robot machine. Most applications fit these machines with the ability to process parts up to 2ft dia. x 2ft high. In each solution the robot is manipulating the blast nozzle.  Each design includes a dc motor-driven 7th axis that can be upgraded to a servo-driven axis which provides the operator with infinite flexibly and more precision.

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Dual-Turntable, 4-Axis Pressure Blast Systems

EQUIPMENT: In order to meet the growing demand for multiple axis nozzle control systems, Empire has developed a dual-turntable, 4-axis pressure blast system with state-of-the-art PLC controls. System was further enhanced with a touch-screen display for operator inputs. The user-friendly design surpasses many other similar types of air blast systems available today.
The 3-axis, 4-nozzle manipulator provides access to hard-to-reach areas from above or below the part. The X and Y axes position the manipulator to maintain nozzle distance. The arcing action of the 3rd axis (wrist-type) is able to clean the top and underside of all surfaces and other complex profiles on specialized parts.
INDUSTRIES: Molding facilities, automotive, tire, aircraft engine and frame manufacturers.

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MH-3 Guns Speed Production and Slash Maintenance Requirements

Our MH-3 blast gun boosts production rates by 10 to 25 percent when compared to suction guns based on traditional designs. But even more impressively, the MH-3 continues blasting without maintenance at least 10 times longer than previous designs, including its predecessor, our MH-2. Independent tests have demonstrated the MH-3’s staying power many times.

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