Pro-Lifter Cabinets Adjust Vertically to Optimize Operator Access

A new series of Pro-Finish® cabinets, dubbed the Pro-Lifter Style, helps operators work more effectively by eliminating the stresses caused by stooping or reaching to an uncomfortable glove height. Available in a variety of sizes, these modified Empire cabinets move up or down by five inches from our standard Pro-Finish® glove height of 44 inches.

Adjusting the glove height throughout its ten-inch vertical range requires no more effort than positioning a powered car window; holding down the desired end of a bi-directional button moves the cabinet up or down until it reaches the top or bottom of its range, or until the operator releases the button. An electric motor driving hydraulic actuators provides the muscle for the moves.
Beyond making workers more comfortable and productive, Pro-Lifter style cabinets offer the same host of features and options that continue to earn Empire’s Pro-Finish® line the top spot among industrial users.
Our modular design, including a long list of standard factory options, lets users cherry-pick the capabilities they need without paying for features and accessories they don’t.
Pro-Lifter cabinets come in Ergo Blast models (for operator efficiency), FaStrip® models (for plastic media) and SafeStrip™ models (for fine media).
In addition, they dovetail with material handling helpers (turntables) and automated accessories such as oscillating nozzles, timers and the programmable controls often supplied with Pro-Finish® systems.
Users can choose from many bag-house or cartridge dust collectors and select from a long list of heavy-duty components to work with harsh media.