Dust Collectors/Reclamation

Cartridge Dust Collectors for High Volume Systems

Empire’s dust collection system is designed specifically for air-blast applications. An Empire collector comes outfitted with a properly sized high pressure blower. Every feature has been engineered for optimal performance in this tough high demand environment. The system captures the dust laden air, filters it and returns clean air to the plant.

Empire filters utilize nano-technology to provide superior release characteristics for longer life. Because of the quality and efficiency of the Empire system there is no need for outside venting of air. By eliminating the loss of heated or cooled air, you save substantially energy. Empire systems deliver what you want most for your facility: clearer work air and cleaner plant.

Baghouses (DCM)

SEM Free Standing Cartridge Dust Collectors

Cartridge Dust Collectors (CDC)

Cartridge Collectors for High-Production Systems (EM)

Room Ventilation HDFT & BVS

Media Reclaimers

VRS Vacuum Recovery Systems