Vertical Door Saves Space and Enhances Operator Access on Pro-Finish ® Basket Blasters

The vertical door, a new factory-installed option on BB2 & BB4-3K basket blasters, makes these small-parts workhorses more attractive in tight production areas. Beyond conserving operating space and improving access for loading parts, the vertical door’s up-down path contributes to a cleaner production environment by minimizing media “fallout” during door openings.
The vertical door represents just one more step in the evolution of Pro-Finish® basket blasters. But the key appeal of these third-generation machines remains the same: No other cleaning, peening or finishing method can compete in terms of speed, quality and return on investment in many small-parts jobs.



The BB2-3K processes up to 300 pounds of parts in a single batch. All the operator has to do is load the parts, set the unit’s precision timer and hit the start button. The basket blaster does the rest as it tumbles parts within the work envelopes of two air-blast streams. Other unique features include an unloading chute to speed parts handling, plus a tunable media reclaimer and heavy-duty duct work that reduce maintenance costs.
The BB4-3K shares all the pluses of of the BB2-3K while adding a few of its own, such as: an increased 350 pound part capacity and three, pneumatically controlled, oscillating blast guns that increase production rates and reduce power consumption. With either unit, small-parts finishing costs will tumble.
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