Empire’s Pro-Loader Bulk Media Transport System

Empire’s Pro-Loader is designed for bulk media transfer in an Empire blast system, with no heavy lifting required and minimum operator attention needed. The system consists of a 55-gallon or 30-gallon drum-lid, a Pneumatic Vacuum Assembly, Drum-empty Sensor, and an Adjustable Carburetor Pick-up Tube. A customer supplied bulk media steel barrel or cardboard drum can be used for media replenishment. Continue reading “Empire’s Pro-Loader Bulk Media Transport System”

How To Reduce Operating Costs And Improve Finishes With A Blast Recovery System

In applications where slag media or other economical blast media are utilized, the long-term costs start to mount quickly due to the media breaking down and having to be replenished. The disposal and logistics of constantly dealing with spent media turn into a large cost of operation.
By recovering the blast media and using recyclable media, the operation will move to a far more profitable and efficient process. This is where a Pneumatic Blast Recovery System (PRS) is ideally suited and can be easily incorporated into the existing layout.

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Pressure Boost Enhances PRS’s Reclaim Capacity

One of Empire’s proven work horses, our Pneumatic Recovery System (PRS), plays a central role within customer-constructed blast enclosures and within some of our new equipment. Its ability to retrieve, clean and recycle abrasives at rates of up to 70 pounds per minute appeals to customers who appreciate the savings associated with reclaiming media.

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