Empire’s Pro-Loader Bulk Media Transport System

Empire’s Pro-Loader is designed for bulk media transfer in an Empire blast system, with no heavy lifting required and minimum operator attention needed. The system consists of a 55-gallon or 30-gallon drum-lid, a Pneumatic Vacuum Assembly, Drum-empty Sensor, and an Adjustable Carburetor Pick-up Tube. A customer supplied bulk media steel barrel or cardboard drum can be used for media replenishment. Continue reading “Empire’s Pro-Loader Bulk Media Transport System”

Empire’s Rotary Head Blast System

Why Use Suction-Blast Rotary Heads?

Empire’s Rotary Head Blast Systems are automated media and recovery systems used in the process of media blasting. Our Rotary Head Blast Systems service a wide range of industries, from clean energy to aerospace. The Rotary Head Blast System contributes to the outstanding performance of multiple systems that we offer such as our IL series (In-Line Conveyor), 6060 series (Rotary Batch System) and our CT series (Continuous Turntable Systems). Continue reading “Empire’s Rotary Head Blast System”

RBT4884 Robotic Air-Blast System

Empire has paved the way for specialized testing using automated systems with advanced robotics and precision controls for uniform media dispersal. Once more, our Product Support Managers have tested parts for a wide variety of industries. These applications include surface preparation, non-destructive cleaning, controlled stripping, and coating removal.

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Expanding The Empire – Empire Abrasive Equipment Completes New Building Expansion

Late Spring 2016 – Empire Abrasive Equipment Company, a leading producer of air-blast equipment, announced today the completion of a significant expansion to their corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility located in Langhorne, Pennsylvania. Designed to accommodate the growth of its custom automated blast cleaning systems, the additional manufacturing space will position the company to meet current and future sales growth while reducing overall manufacturing costs.
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Eliminate The Guesswork When Blasting And Peening – Empire Demo Lab

Welcome to the most sophisticated and comprehensive test facility for airblast peening and cleaning applications. Welcome to the Demo Lab at Empire in Langhorne, PA (USA).

Whether you are an existing user of cleaning or peening equipment, or a novice to the process, the Empire Demo Lab has tremendous potential with tips to increase your productivity and add to the profitability of your operation.

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