What Is The Difference Between Pro Finish and ProFormer Systems?

The difference between a Pro Finish system and a ProFormer system is that the ProFormer is an all-in-one unit with only two connections required: air & electrical. The ProFormer cabinet is designed for production blasting and enables you to perform multiple tasks. You can clean, peen or prep for a coating by simply varying air pressure and blast media. The cabinets can be specified with suction-blast or pressure-blast systems and have a wide range of standard factory options.


Applications that work well with this cabinet include:

  • Scale removal
  • Surface profiling (etch)
  • Rusty parts
  • Stripping powder coatings
  • Add matte or satin finish
  • Remove glare or imperfections

To help provide customers with the right solution, Empire can perform test blasting to determine if the process requires suction or pressure blasting. This also enables us to get all of the customer’s potential part sizes and the required blast area matched to the proper cabinet.

Rolling turntables, designed to expedite loading and processing, are just one of many standard factory options available with ProFormer™ cabinets.