Automated Shot Peening Machines

At the core of all blasting processes is the concept of transferring impact energy on to the component being processed. Though the visual appeal of a shot peening machine is very similar to a conventional ‘blast cleaning’ machine, the process is quite different. Shot peening is all about controlling the process of blasting. Shot peening is driven, protected and monitored by audits and specifications. Conformance to such audits and specifications is the only way one can achieve repeatable, accurate and consistent peening results. Empire offers a variety of platforms to meet any customer’s part configurations and specifications.

Indexing Turntable Systems

Indexing Turntables have been a staple in the manufacturing industry for many years. An indexing turntable provides precise positioning of the workpiece in front of blasting nozzles for guaranteed repeatability of process requirements.


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Robotic Blast Systems

Robotic Blasting is becoming more and more prevalent in the manufacturing process. Companies are looking to increase efficiencies and lower costs. With robotic blasting equipment in place, the operation can run in a continuous mode. Operators are able to run multiple machines and become more efficient.

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The best way to determine the right solution for your unique finishing and production requirements is to send parts to Empire. To learn more about our test and demonstration laboratory or any Empire air-blast products, please contact your local Empire distributor or call us direct at 215-752-8800 or email [email protected] and visit our Shot Peening Systems page to view more options.