Robotic Blasting: Key Applications & Efficiencies

To compete in a hyper competitive global finishing market the use of robotics in air-blasting is quickly becoming the preferred method to reduce costs, increase productivity and improve product quality. Our experience has enabled Empire to design robotic blasting systems that meet the needs of today’s most demanding applications.

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Thirty Quick Benefits of Robotic Blasting


Robotic Blasting is becoming more and more prevalent in the manufacturing process.  Companies are looking to increase efficiencies and lower costs.  With robotic blasting equipment in place, the operation can run in a continuous mode. Operators are able to run multiple machines and become more efficient.

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New PRobot ™ air blasts complex parts to the strictest process standards

Empire’s latest development, the PRobot™ line, air blasts parts with irregular contours to the most stringent process standards. By integrating robotic technology with Empire’s state-of-the-art automation, these systems not only cover complex geometries precisely but also deliver the repeatability and validation required by many producers of aerospace parts and medical equipment.

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