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We are a leader in air-blast technology, including manual and modified cabinets, blast rooms, automated blast systems, and robotic blast systems
Empire offers a comprehensive line of abrasive blast equipment for every application as determined through a collaborative process with the end user, a full team of field and factory support with extensive technical knowledge in the field of air blast equipment, and continued support of our equipment after the sale.

Abrasive Blasting Solutions

Robotic Blast Systems
Efficient, quiet and clean robotic blasting solutions for surface preparation and peening applications
Automated Blast Systems
Automated Blast Systems
Empire has designed and produced hundreds of automated systems, ranging in sophistication from standard automation to advanced robotic nozzles
Blast Rooms
Balanced systems with a full range of field-proven component engineered and built to work together
Modified Blast Cabinets
Modified Blast Cabinets
Empire's Modified Pro-Finish® Cabinets... an economical approach to specialized finishing and surface preparation.
Manual Blast Cabinets
Pro-Finish® systems offer perfect combinations of equipment performance and the versatility of modular designs.
Portable Blast Systems
Portable Blast Systems
Empire manufactures a full line of portable blasters, ranging from “do-it-yourself” suction blasters up to our contractor grade SuperBlast® pressure machines
Dust Collectors / Reclamation
Designed specifically for air-blast applications, comes outfitted with a properly sized high pressure blower
Operator Safety Equipment
Complete line of modern safety equipment that protects operators and complies with OSHA when properly applied and maintained
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Gibson Wheel Blast
Efficient, quiet and clean robotic blasting solutions for surface preparation and peening applications

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