Video: Empire TT36-S Indexing Turntable Suction Blast System

Empire Abrasive Equipment’s advancements in automated air blast equipment technology emphasizes our commitment to the future of abrasive finishing and improving overall manufacturing efficiencies.  For example, our TT36-S automated blasting system can do the job of eight manual blast cabinet machines! Watch Our Product Animation | TT36-S Indexing Turntable Automated Abrasive Blast System With this…

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Empire Product Spotlight | In-Line XL Abrasive Blast System

A prominent manufacturer’s application required pressure blasting 60” wide x 156” long flat plates. Empire custom engineered an In-line Abrasive Blast System with integrated Powered Roller Conveyors, which enables part loading and unloading via fork truck. A Continuous 66” wide Ultrawear-Clad Belt Conveyor with variable speed control permits part handling through the blast chamber. While…

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Empire’s Pre-Engineered Blast Booths (PEB)

Blasting large parts is an important aspect of many industries, but traditional blast rooms can be costly and complicated to set up. That’s why Empire has developed a solution with everything you need for an efficient and safe blasting experience, and at a fraction of the cost. Introducing Empire’s Pre-Engineered Blast Booths, available in five…

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Sandblasting in a Nutshell

Sandblasting is the process of propelling abrasive materials onto a surface using high pressure to remove contaminants, alter the texture, or prepare it for subsequent coating or painting. It is also an efficient way to get surfaces clean and ready for further processing. Thus, the technique has various applications in different industries, such as automotive,…

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Automated Shot Peening Machines

At the core of all blasting processes is the concept of transferring impact energy on to the component being processed. Though the visual appeal of a shot peening machine is very similar to a conventional ‘blast cleaning’ machine, the process is quite different. Shot peening is all about controlling the process of blasting. Shot peening…

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Empire’s Rotary Head Blast System

Why Use Suction-Blast Rotary Heads? Empire’s Rotary Head Blast Systems are automated media and recovery systems used in the process of media blasting. Our Rotary Head Blast Systems service a wide range of industries, from clean energy to aerospace. The Rotary Head Blast System contributes to the outstanding performance of multiple systems that we offer…

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Finding the Right Abrasive Blast Cabinets

Abrasive blasting is a type of media blasting in which abrasive material is propelled onto a surface at high pressure. This method has been used for over five decades in various industries and applications. Furthermore, abrasive blasting is commonly used to smooth rough surfaces and remove paint, grime, or other undesirable substances from metal, plastic materials, and other composites.

An abrasive blast cabinet is a confined machine with a nozzle that discharges abrasive materials onto the work surface. There are different types of commercially available abrasive blasting cabinets, each with specifications and capabilities. With so many options, choosing the right cabinet for your needs can take time and effort.

This article will cover the things to take into account when choosing the best abrasive blast cabinet for your application.

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Abrasive Blast Equipment Options

For over seven decades, Empire Abrasive Equipment has pioneered the development and manufacture of groundbreaking air blast machine technology. We engineer quality equipment and systems with a dedicated team of experts available to provide training, technical assistance, and lab testing to ensure we align the optimal abrasive blast technology to fit your part processing requirements…

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RBT4884 Robotic Air-Blast System

Empire has paved the way for specialized testing using automated systems with advanced robotics and precision controls for uniform media dispersal. Once more, our Product Support Managers have tested parts for a wide variety of industries. These applications include surface preparation, non-destructive cleaning, controlled stripping, and coating removal.

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