Expansion of the Pro-Finish Cabinet Line

EQUIPMENT: Since the introduction of the PRO-FINISH Cabinet Line in 1983, Empire has continued to add cabinet sizes and equipment types to meet the ever-growing market demand. In the early 80’s, we had only 4 to 6 basic cabinet sizes to choose from and a limited amount of cabinet options.
Through the years, Empire has developed many different cabinet sizes and optional configurations to meet our customer’s needs. As a result, many have been incorporated into our standard line. Examples would be the Pro-Former, 7272, 60120, 3674, IL-885 and BB 1, just to name a few.

The diversity in our cabinet line ranges from the Econo Finish up through to our Basket Blasters. This includes many options for improved product enhancement and increased operational capabilities.
Econo Finish:
2430 – 23” x 29” inside work area
2436 – 23” x 35” inside work area
2448 – 23” x 47” inside work area
EFR (Econo Reclaimer)
3648 – 35” x 47” inside work area
ProFormer (Single Unit)
3648 – 35” x 47” inside work area
4652 – 45” x 51” inside work area
ProFinish (Industrial Line)
2636 – 25” x 35” inside work area
3648 – 35” x 47” inside work area
3660 – 35” x 59” inside work area
3674 – 35” x 73” inside work area
3696 – 35” x 95” inside work area
4848 – 47” x 47” inside work area
6060 – 59” x 59” inside work area
7272 – 71” x 71” inside work area
60120 – 59” x 119” inside work area
In addition to our stand up hand cabinets, Empire offers the ERGO Systems designed to reduce operator fatigue and improve overall production output. Improvements include sit-down leg area, armrest and movable foot treadle support frame. Ergo systems are also available in any size from a 2636 up to the 60120 listed above.
Again, through our modified system design group, Empire will manufacture a cabinet size geared around your particular application or production requirement. No job is too small or too big. Our engineering and assembly groups are on hand for any manufacturing challenge.