Pro-Finish® Cabinets: Getting Quieter, Cleaner and Easier to Upgrade

Empire always looks for ways—both large and small—to enhance the value of its products. Scheduled modifications to our Pro-Finish® line, for example, will improve system performance and simplify the installation of space-saving vertical doors.

For starters, the taller light box will house a number of benefits. Scheduled for introduction in coming months, the taller box provides room to rotate its internal filter from a horizontal to vertical position, resulting in reduced sound levels at the operator’s station and extended filter life. The filter’s increased distance from the blast envelope also reduces the chances of media escaping and the rate at which outside contaminants build up. The new box will provide cleaner and quieter operation and will require less maintenance than previous versions.
The vertical door attachment represents part of a two-piece assembly already proven in many of Empire’s modified cabinets and automated systems. As of May 1, the two-piece door becomes standard with all new Pro-Finish orders. The advantages for users include lower shipping costs and a 50 percent reduction in assembly time.