Video: Empire TT36-S Indexing Turntable Suction Blast System

Empire Abrasive Equipment’s advancements in automated air blast equipment technology emphasizes our commitment to the future of abrasive finishing and improving overall manufacturing efficiencies.  For example, our TT36-S automated blasting system can do the job of eight manual blast cabinet machines!

Watch Our Product Animation | TT36-S Indexing Turntable Automated Abrasive Blast System

With this task effectiveness comes an added benefit of work space optimization, after all, if one machine can take the place of 8 or more, that is more cost savings for the equipment owner with the additional advantage of improved facility space management.

Our equipment is designed by our in-house engineers and programmers to operate with the greatest level of intelligence, further advancing their effectiveness.  Robotics systems can be programmed to load materials, commence blasting or shot-peening with precise, accurate treatment, and follow through with a quick turnaround time. All with just a single person effectively monitoring the machine. In fact, one operator could effectively monitor multiple machines at the same time.

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