Abrasive Blast Equipment Options

For over seven decades, Empire Abrasive Equipment has pioneered the development and manufacture of groundbreaking air blast machine technology. We engineer quality equipment and systems with a dedicated team of experts available to provide training, technical assistance, and lab testing to ensure we align the optimal abrasive blast technology to fit your part processing requirements efficiently.

Empire’s solid reputation as an innovator in air-blast technologyallows us to partner strategically with reputable companies and manufacturers. These collaborations enable us to offer a wide selection of high-quality abrasive blast equipment options.

Our vast array of trusted products and blasting equipment includes the following:

Robotic Blast Systems

Empire is a top-notch manufacturer and designer of air-blasting equipment. We begin with building the finest blast and recovery systems and integrating robots into them. For more than 30 years, we have fully assimilated commercially available robots into a wide range of blast cells, rooms, and systems. This integration is consistent with our primary goal of offering blasting equipment that allows quiet, efficient, and clean solutions for surface preparation and peening applications.

Working together with our strategic allies and partners, our company provides integrated robotic air blast solutions for a variety of industries, including aerospace, energy, transportation, oil and gas, military, high technology, medical, and industrial manufacturing.

Empire provides the following blast system and operation options:

  • Robotic Indexing Turntable
  • Robotic Peening Systems
  • HMI Control Systems
  • End of Arm Tools
  • Servo-Controlled Auxiliary Axis
  • Vision Systems
  • Off-line Programming
  • Coordinated Part Manipulation
  • End-effectors for Part Manipulation
  • Custom Part Fixturing
  • RFID/Barcode and Laser Scanners
  • Ethernet Communication
  • IoT Capable Remote Access Routers

Automated Blast Systems

Empire has developed numerous complex automated systems, from basic automation to enhanced robotic nozzle, part manipulation, and part handling, that can boost productivity between 100% and 700%. In addition, our customers can control all systems to the required degree with speed, air pressure, and media flow controls, media recovery, and classification systems, and process validation and reporting.

We offer the following automated blast systems:

  • Indexing Turntable Machines
  • Batch Processing Machines
  • Continuous Processing Machines
  • Single Piece Flow Cell Machines
  • Rotary Head
  • Shot Peening Systems
  • In-line Systems
  • Custom Automated Systems

Blast Rooms

Empire manufactures totally integrated Blast Rooms of any size. We custom-engineer enclosed blasting facilities to accommodate specific production and dimensional requirements, resulting in balanced blast room systems with no compatibility issues. Each room includes a full range of field-proven components for media recovery, reclamation, and other accessories to maximize productivity.

Customers can choose from Pre-engineered Blast Booths (PEB), Packaged Rooms, and Engineered Field-erected Blast Rooms.

Modified Blast Cabinets

Empire’s Modified Pro-Finish® Cabinets are cost-effective re-engineered solutions for specialized finishing and surface preparation in applications that require partial automation to speed up production. In addition, we have successfully served various industries with our modified blast cabinets. From work envelope expansion cabinets to crane slots, to pass-through cabinets and more, you can count on Empire’s robust and adaptable modified blast cabinet products to meet any customer’s specifications.

Empire can economically tailor any blast cabinets to meet specific needs and process requirements while ensuring reduced lead times over custom-engineered purpose-built equipment.

Manual Blast Cabinets

The Pro-Finish® system delivers the ideal balance of equipment performance and modular design versatility to fit different configurations suitable for any blasting system requirements. It includes an integrated dust collector, tunable reclaimers, and a one-cubic-foot pressure vessel and suction hopper.

Empire manual blast cabinets are available in the following setups:

  • Pro-Finish® Blast Cabinets
  • Pro-Former™ Blast Cabinets
  • Ergo-Blast Cabinets
  • FaStrip®
  • Econo-Finish® Blast Cabinets
  • SafeStrip™ Blast Cabinets
  • IL-885 In-line Conveyor Cabinets
  • Basket Blasters
  • Continuous Belt Blasters

Portable Blast Systems

Empire produces a comprehensive range of portable blasters with high removal rates, ranging from DIY suction blasters to contractor-grade SuperBlast® pressure machines. We also offer high-quality safety gear that can be purchased separately or in conjunction with a blaster.

The following portable blast systems are available:

  • SuperBlast® Portables
  • Econ-O-Blast™ Portables
  • FaStrip™ Portables
  • SafeStrip™ Portables
  • PRS Pneumatic Blast & Recovery Systems
  • Blast N’ Vac with Vacutrans

Dust Collectors/Reclamation

Empire designs and manufactures dust collection systems that collect and filter dust-laden air before releasing it as clean air to promote a more sterile atmosphere and environment. All filters are also integrated with nanotechnology to improve release properties, durability, quality, and efficiency.

Empire provides the following dust collection and reclamation systems:

  • Baghouses
  • SEM Free Standing Cartridge Dust Collectors
  • Cartridge Dust Collectors
  • Cartridge Collectors for High-Production Systems
  • Room Ventilation HDFT & BVS
  • Media Reclaimers
  • Vacuum Recovery Systems

Operator Safety Equipment

Empire supports our portable blaster systems and blast rooms with advanced safety equipment from RPB that guarantees operators’ safety and protection and adheres to Occupational Safety And Health Administration (OSHA) standards. In addition, all devices affecting breathing-air quality are thoroughly checked and maintained regularly, especially when a multi-purpose compressor is used to supply breathing air.

Empire also offers Bullard Safety Equipment, a worldwide brand and a leading manufacturer of high-quality personal protective equipment and systems. We use the following operator safety gears:

  • Bullard Respirator Hood
  • Bullard AC1000 Air Conditioner
  • Bullard Air Pump & Kit
  • Bullard Frigitron
  • Bullard HC2400 Climate Controller

More safety equipment options available are:

  • Nova 3 Ultra Performance, Heavy Industry Respirator
  • RPB Nova 2000 Respirator
  • RPB Nova Talk Respirator
  • RPB Astro Respirator
  • RPB 4000-01 Cool Tube
  • RPB 4000-20 Hot Tube
  • RPB Radex Airline Filter
  • RPB NV2029 Breathing Airline Hose
  • RPB GX4 Gas (C.O.) Monitor

Gibson Wheel Blast

Gibson Abrasive Equipment Co. develops the best wheel blast equipment solutions and replacement parts, ensuring the long-term efficiency of machines and reducing equipment downtime. They also provide objective and impartial processing recommendations and a trained team to help with every stage of the process — from design to the final product.

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