Finding the Right Abrasive Blast Cabinets

Abrasive blasting is a type of media blasting in which abrasive material is propelled onto a surface at high pressure. This method has been used for over five decades in various industries and applications. Furthermore, abrasive blasting is commonly used to smooth rough surfaces and remove paint, grime, or other undesirable substances from metal, plastic materials, and other composites.

An abrasive blast cabinet is a confined machine with a nozzle that discharges abrasive materials onto the work surface. There are different types of commercially available abrasive blasting cabinets, each with specifications and capabilities. With so many options, choosing the right cabinet for your needs can take time and effort.

This article will cover the things to take into account when choosing the best abrasive blast cabinet for your application.

Factors To Consider When Choosing an Abrasive Blast Cabinet

Standard Ergonomic Abrasive Blast Cabinet

To ensure that you have the best tool for your application, keep in mind several considerations before purchasing an abrasive blast cabinet. Here are some of them:

Types of Blasting Systems

The blasting system controls how the abrasive media is delivered to the nozzle. There are two types of blasting designs you can choose from.

The first one is the siphon blasting cabinet, which utilizes a gun to draw abrasive media into the nozzle, which is then shot from the end part. Also known as the suction cabinet, it is ideal for light production, basic cleaning, and occasional use. This type necessitates more air pressure than direct-pressure cabinets.

The second type is the direct-pressure cabinet, which can dislodge abrasive media at a significantly greater blasting flow rate than a siphon blasting cabinet. It also allows you to adjust the pressure to modify the flow velocity for each task.

Types of Manual Abrasive Blast Cabinets

There are two types of manual abrasive blast cabinets, and which style you choose depends on your frequency of use and specific applications.

  • Standard Hand Cabinets. These are available in various configurations, including openings in the front and both sides of the equipment, which is appropriate for working on small to medium-sized components.
  • Modified Hand Cabinets. This type of manual abrasive blast cabinet is an economically tailored cabinet that meets specific customer needs and reduces lead times over custom-engineered purpose-built equipment.

Coverage Area

Modified Abrasive Blast Cabinet

The size of your compressor determines how large the type of blasting system can cover. Larger compressors mean larger blast nozzle sizes, which results in more coverage in less time. For example, simultaneously working on multiple pieces necessitates a larger cabinet, while smaller cabinets are applicable when you work on pieces one at a time.

Types of Airflow

When purchasing an abrasive blasting cabinet, two types of airflow should be considered: propelling and exhaust mechanisms. The propelling system produces airflow to steer the abrasives onto the item’s surface. On the other hand, the exhaust mechanism keeps dust particles and pollutants from the cabinet clear to prevent screen clogging.


The cost of a cabinet is determined by the material used for blasting and the equipment itself. Therefore, selecting the cheapest one is not always the right approach. For best results, ensure that the price is determined by the cabinet’s space and the quality of materials used to make the valves, tubing, nozzles, and other components.

Manufacturer’s Reputation

Like any other product, the track record of a blasting cabinet manufacturer is critical. Acquire machines from businesses with a history of delivering excellent customer service, quality assurance, and product support.

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