Why Empire Abrasive Equipment Is The World Leader In Industrial Airblasting Equipment Manufacturing

Empire Abrasive Equipment is the only company that comes to mind when considering the world’s most comprehensive line of air-blast products. For nearly 75 years, Empire has been a leader in developing and manufacturing innovative air-blast machinery. Furthermore, its ability to meet customer needs has enabled the company to establish a competitive edge in air-blast technology, which delivers quality products and boosts productivity.

This article will explain why Empire Abrasive Equipment is the world leader in industrial air-blasting equipment manufacturing and why it is the most sought-after product and service provider by customers from various industries.

Wide Array Of Trusted Products And Blast Systems

Our strong reputation as a world leader in air blasting systems and technology allows us to collaborate strategically with well-known companies and manufacturers. Thus, it enables us to provide a diverse range of blast system products and services that we can customize to meet our customers’ demands.

Empire’s products and services include the following:

Robotic Blast Systems

We offer robotic blasting technologies that facilitate efficient, quiet, and clean robotic blasting services for surface preparation and peening applications.

Automated Air Blast Systems

We design and manufacture custom automated systems ranging from basic automation to advanced robotic nozzle and part manipulation and handling that can boost productivity between 100% up 700%

Blast Rooms

We can custom-engineer an enclosed blasting facility to match your unique application, specification, and dimensional requirements, ensuring that all components work together and have no compatibility issues.

Modified Blast Cabinets

Our Modified Pro-Finish® Cabinets are economical re-engineered solutions for specialized finishing and surface preparation for unique applications that need to accelerate production using partial automation.

Manual Blast Cabinets

Our Pro-Finish® systems provide the ideal balance of equipment performance and modular design versatility to match a variety of configurations suitable for any individual blasting system needs.

Portable Blast System

We manufacture a full line of portable blasters, from DIY suction blasters to contractor-grade SuperBlast® pressure machines, with a high removal rate.

Dust Collectors/Reclamation

Our dust collection system is designed explicitly for air-blast applications to capture and filter dust-laden air and release it as clean air to help promote an unpolluted atmosphere and a cleaner planet.

Operator Safety Equipment

We partner with the leading blast safety equipment manufacturers to provide modern safety equipment that supports our portable blasters and blast rooms, ensures operators’ safety and protection, and complies with Occupational Safety And Health Administration (OSHA) standards.

Gibson Wheel Blast

We collaborate with Gibson Abrasive Equipment Co. to create the best shot-blast equipment solutions.

State-of-the-Art Facility And Automation Process

Empire Abrasive Equipment takes pride in its cutting-edge facility in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, which includes a testing lab and a product demonstration area. These areas contain complete and extensive equipment and machines for prototyping, validation, and process development. From blast cabinets to automation to robotics, we work closely with our customers to develop the best solution for their applications.

Our excellent automation systems increase the company’s efficiency and productivity. For instance, one automated blasting system can perform the work of up to 12 manually operated machines. Our robotics technology helps in labor shortages and reduce overall operation cost.

Additionally, we utilize computer-aided technology, virtual engineering, and 3D modeling equipped with data-guided censors and real-time machine monitoring to ensure high-quality and high-precision blasting system operations.

Turnkey Technical Services, Testing, And Training

Aside from product and service availability, Empire also provides training, technical support, turnkey installation, and lab testing for our equipment. The customer can come to our facility for a factory acceptance test when the machinery is finished. This process includes testing the equipment and providing the customer with operational and maintenance training. We also employ service technicians to supervise installation, setup, and on-site training.

Furthermore, our purchase and acquisition of Hoffman Blast Rooms have expanded our customer options, including turnkey capabilities on blast-room setups. For example, blast units help reduce environmental issues when removing a piece of fixed equipment within a manufacturing facility.

Reliable Global Distributor Network Assistance

Our reliability in serving our customers is part of our reputation as the world’s leading manufacturer of industrial air-blasting equipment. In addition to our website’s detailed and comprehensive manuals, our global distributor network ensures availability when you require advice, assistance, equipment, or spare parts on short notice.

Empire’s knowledgeable and experienced team can also offer consultations and design suggestions, and they will work hand-in-hand with you to provide the best products and services possible. In addition, you can contact our Customer Service Department directly, and we will happily accommodate your request or concern.

Partner With The Best & American-Made Airblasting Equipment Manufacturer

Empire Abrasive Equipment is constantly paving the way for cutting-edge air blasting equipment design and production. Our reputation as an innovative company in air-blast technology reflects the company’s ability to meet our customers’ demands for high-quality machinery and the most efficient blasting systems. Reach out to us or request a quote and test forms for your blasting system needs!