Eliminate The Guesswork When Blasting And Peening – Empire Demo Lab

Welcome to the most sophisticated and comprehensive test facility for airblast peening and cleaning applications. Welcome to the Demo Lab at Empire in Langhorne, PA (USA).

Whether you are an existing user of cleaning or peening equipment, or a novice to the process, the Empire Demo Lab has tremendous potential with tips to increase your productivity and add to the profitability of your operation.

As an advanced manufacturing plant, you have other critical parts of your production process that demand your attention. Most often, this results in an unintentional neglect of processes such as blast cleaning and shot peening. Interestingly, this neglect could lead to higher operating costs and equipment wear than normal. Let’s take the instance when your customer has introduced a new product and would like to partner with you and develop the cleaning or shot peening specifications and procedure for this new component. Empire is here to help with its demo center in both instances. Here’s how:

  • Review your existing application and equipment use with Empire by testing your production parts in one of over ten machine types on Demo Lab.
  • Demo results could prove that maybe you have been using higher blast pressure than required, perhaps a different media type or size could provide you better results. Both changes will reduce your operating costs.
  • The Demo Lab has equipment with varying and increasing degrees of automation. If your new production needs demand a slightly higher degree of automation, the Demo Lab provides you the choice of equipment to test the same.
  • Shot peening is a process that’s either misunderstood or completely new to a lot of end users. Visit the Demo Lab. Our experts in this process will carry out peening tests on your part samples, to varying levels of impact energy (shot peening intensity), that you will be able to conduct fatigue tests on at your plant. Along the way, we will also help you develop your peening parameters and even help you conform to an established specification.

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The Empire Demo Lab has the entire range of airblast equipment available for tests, starting from the simplest manual blast cabinet to sophisticated robotic cells for single part flow. All this equipment is available for your testing, most times without any charge.

We look forward to seeing you in our Demo Lab and help you increase the profitability of your cleaning and peening operation!