Empire Acquires Hoffman Blast Room

Empire Abrasive Equipment Company a leading producer of air blast equipment, has announced the acquisition of certain assets of Hoffman Blast Room Equipment, Inc., which declared bankruptcy in March of 2003. Since its founding in 1984, Hoffman had established itself as the leading supplier of blast rooms while producing over 1,000 units, some exceeding 120 feet in length. Larger blast rooms are typically employed in the building and maintenance of railroad cars, truck trailers, ship parts, construction equipment, bridge components and heavy machinery.

The acquisition of Hoffman’s intellectual properties gives Empire exclusive rights to market the Hoffman products thereby prohibiting any and all parties from using the Hoffman name in conjunction with the promotion and/or sale of Hoffman style rooms without the written permission of Empire. Empire Abrasive Equipment Company, which manufacturers blast cabinets, auto-mated blast systems and portable blasters, as well as its own line of blast rooms, has acquired rights to all Hoffman designs, in addition to the Hoffman name and the exclusive rights to market Hoffman products.

According to Empire’s chief operating officer, Robert Morey, the Hoffman acquisition should establish Empire as the leader in blast room technology, installation, and service.  “We’ve added important new products and turnkey capabilities.” said Morey.