Dual-Turntable, 4-Axis Pressure Blast Systems

EQUIPMENT: In order to meet the growing demand for multiple axis nozzle control systems, Empire has developed a dual-turntable, 4-axis pressure blast system with state-of-the-art PLC controls. System was further enhanced with a touch-screen display for operator inputs. The user-friendly design surpasses many other similar types of air blast systems available today.
The 3-axis, 4-nozzle manipulator provides access to hard-to-reach areas from above or below the part. The X and Y axes position the manipulator to maintain nozzle distance. The arcing action of the 3rd axis (wrist-type) is able to clean the top and underside of all surfaces and other complex profiles on specialized parts.
INDUSTRIES: Molding facilities, automotive, tire, aircraft engine and frame manufacturers.

  • 8080P, Steel Blast Enclosure, ¼” Thick
  • Dual 65” dia. Tables, 10,000 # Cap.
  • (4) – 5/16” Pressure Nozzles
  • 10 cu. ft. Pressure Vessel
  • Automatic Media Replenishing System
  • 1,600 cfm Cartridge Dust Collector
  • Full PLC Controls w/ Closed Loop Feedback
With dual shuttling turntables (4th axis), one part can be blasted while another is being loaded, thus reducing non-productive process time.
The machine includes part recipe capability, where each part is programmed once and then available for recall. The program provided a 4-step sequence, including an air-only blow-off cycle to complete the process.
The required process time for this particular application was 1.85 parts per hour. However, due to the efficiency of the new system, many of the parts
were processed in less than 15 minutes. Reducing part handling and set-up times were the key benefits of this system.
As an end result, major time delays were eliminated, plus inventory and parts in process were lowered. This was a positive result for all concerned and the reduced times helped justify their purchase.