Advanced Automation: Pre-Engineered to Custom-Built Systems

Empire offers two distinct approaches to achieve the best finishing solution for each robotic application.  The first approach is a pre-engineered blasting system. These systems have two types of design layouts starting with two forms of pedestal-mounted robot machines and an inverted robot machine. Most applications fit these machines with the ability to process parts up to 2ft dia. x 2ft high. In each solution the robot is manipulating the blast nozzle.  Each design includes a dc motor-driven 7th axis that can be upgraded to a servo-driven axis which provides the operator with infinite flexibly and more precision.

A main advantage of the pre-engineered system is that engineering costs are removed since it is predesigned.  At the same time, a number of standard


options are available that will cost less than custom-designed systems. Lastly, a pre-engineered system can be produced much faster than a custom-built solution.

Pre-engineered System

A custom-built system is used generally if a part is too large for a pre-engineered solution or if it is more desirable to manipulate the part instead of the nozzle.  The customer may have a specific material handling need that is out of the range of the pre-engineered system capabilities.

Custom Design

To determine which approach is the best solution, Empire analyzes customer-supplied drawings and part dimensions, integration and support needs. The plant layout is reviewed and becomes part of the design criteria to ensure proper installation and efficient production.  Empire arranges a meeting with the customer if necessary then provides a proposal.

Once the equipment is produced, a factory acceptance test is conducted at Empire’s facility. The customer visits Empire to test the equipment and receive operational and maintenance training.  Once the test is complete and the equipment is approved, Empire’s service technicians can be provided to supervise the installation and startup as well as provide on-site training.