Surface Cleaning with Baking Soda Blasting

PROCESS: Clean surface mold contamination, smoke damage, soot, graffiti, coatings and oily by products from virtually any substrates like wood, brick, concrete and metal with fine media like “Baking Soda” and starch.
INDUSTRIES: Restoration & Cleaning Services, Industrial Maintenance, etc.

  • Model SB-100 or SB-150 SafeStrip™ Portable Pot
  • Flow controls with differential displays
  • 1 or 1.5 cu. Ft Pressure pot with single nozzle
  • Hopper with trash screen and cover
  • Sure-Flo® Media Regulator below a 45 degree cone
  • Precision fixed orifice media flow control
RESULTS: The Empire SafeStrip™ was developed to meet the cleaning needs of various industries. With the ability to handle light media like bicarbonate of soda and starch, SafeStrip can remove old coatings and unwanted residues from soft metals and other sensitive surfaces with little to no effect to the substrate. SafeStrip assures an even flow of light media by providing a pressure differential between the vessel and blast hose. This pressure differential prevents bridging and maintains a consistent flow rate.