What Is The Difference Between Pro Finish and ProFormer Systems?

The difference between a Pro Finish system and a ProFormer system is that the ProFormer is an all-in-one unit with only two connections required: air & electrical. The ProFormer cabinet is designed for production blasting and enables you to perform multiple tasks. You can clean, peen or prep for a coating by simply varying air pressure and blast media. The cabinets can be specified with suction-blast or pressure-blast systems and have a wide range of standard factory options.

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Expansion of the Pro-Finish Cabinet Line

EQUIPMENT: Since the introduction of the PRO-FINISH Cabinet Line in 1983, Empire has continued to add cabinet sizes and equipment types to meet the ever-growing market demand. In the early 80’s, we had only 4 to 6 basic cabinet sizes to choose from and a limited amount of cabinet options.
Through the years, Empire has developed many different cabinet sizes and optional configurations to meet our customer’s needs. As a result, many have been incorporated into our standard line. Examples would be the Pro-Former, 7272, 60120, 3674, IL-885 and BB 1, just to name a few.

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