Robotic Blasting: Key Applications & Efficiencies

To compete in a hyper competitive global finishing market the use of robotics in air-blasting is quickly becoming the preferred method to reduce costs, increase productivity and improve product quality. Our experience has enabled Empire to design robotic blasting systems that meet the needs of today’s most demanding applications.

Key Applications:
Empire has custom engineered and built hundreds of automated grit-blasting and shot peening systems for precision components in the aerospace, automotive, medical and many other industries.

General industrial applications include:
•    Surface preparation for thermal spray and other advanced coatings
•    Shot Peening for SAE aerospace material specifications
•    Non-destructive cleaning of high value parts and controlled stripping and coating removal

The use of robotics in blasting also allows for the transfer of direct labor from fatiguing and potentially hazardous blasting tasks to other more important value added jobs. A single operator can run multiple robotic blast machines resulting in better department productivity. With a robotic blasting system in place, a machine can operate 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.

Empire’s robotic systems combine high operational performance with powerful accuracy, consistency and unprecedented levels of flexibility. Whether it’s manipulating the nozzle to replicate the human hand blasting a component with perfect precision or manipulating the part against a stationary blast stream.

Robotics can be provided as part of a custom designed system or a pre-engineered solution. Empire’s pre-engineered robotic blast cells provide compact yet sophisticated solutions to meet your blast finishing needs.These designs are standard and field proven. Choosing an Empire robotic blast finishing system means less time spent in design and manufacturing resulting in the shortest time to production.

Empire can also provide custom designed solutions and will work as your partner to develop the machine concept that best meets your unique process requirement and take into consideration the uniquely harsh environment created by the blast process.

All systems are equipped with Empire’s highly efficient pressure blast and reclamation system.  Empire’s reclamation systems have an unmatched ability to separate fine, medium and coarse media from dust. Designed with the capability to fine tune to your unique set of blast requirements, Empire’s reclaimer will save on media costs while improving performance, processing speed and quality.
Whether your project is driven by improvements in productivity, costs, compliance, strict specifications or process validation requirements, Empire will partner with you to design and build blast systems that best meet your needs.

Robotic blasting offers:
–    Control & Repeatability
–    High Efficiencies
–    And uses Fewer Resources which Lower your costs

To learn more about robotic blasting we invite you to visit our demo lab, equipped with the most modern equipment in the industry and run by a staff with years of experience in evaluating the many ways to blast and peen almost any part.