Sure-Flo ® Grit Valve Charts a Straight Path To Bigger Blasting Profits

Even under ideal conditions, outdoor blasting places harsh demands on both operators and equipment. When rain, freezing temperatures, and remote locations complicate the challenges, they magnify the role of blast-equipment performance and dependability.

As a leading producer of portable blasting equipment for over 60 years, Empire knows the importance of reliability and builds it into every SuperBlast® portable — all the way from the tread on the tires to the tip of the nozzle — while placing special emphasis on the grit valve, a leading troublemaker in competitor’s designs.

The result: Empire’s Sure-Flo® grit valve. This patented, straight-through design delivers “gritty” performance under the toughest conditions. And even when the valve’s long-lasting, gum-rubber pinch tube wears out, the operator can normally replace it — in the field — with a minimum of  downtime and without special tools at a part cost of under $50. Competitors’ grit valves often require a trip back to the factory where repair costs can exceed $500.
Sure-Flo® offers solutions to cold weather too. Our low-temperature Ultrawear tube, just one of many tubes available, sustains blasting in freezing conditions. These options, as well as replacement parts, arrive from Empire or your local Empire distributor overnight.
In a Pot-to-Pot showdown, SuperBlast® wins on counts beyond the Sure-Flo®. Look at the many other production boosters these Empire portables include:
• Low profile
• E-Z Fill™ bag breaker
• Built-in screen
• Moisture/oil separator
• Compact controls
• Slim design
• Large piping
• Flexible air line
• Lifting eyes/wide handle
• Large inspection port
• Optional 4-wheel design
To learn more about our SuperBlast® portables or any of Empire’s air-blast products, please contact
your local Empire distributor or Empire directly.