SuperBlast® Ready to Roll For Infrastructure Boom

The major stimulus package aimed at upgrading U.S. infrastructure should trigger a host of new sales opportunities for portable air-blast equipment.
Staying ahead of the competition, Empire SuperBlast® portables have become even more portable with the addition of two wheels as an option. Available on 1050 and 650 SuperBlast models, as well as the 350 model shown, our four-wheel platform enhances user friendliness by improving manueverabililty. The extra wheels are offered as an option only, not as standard equipment.
But let’s not forget the many field-proven features and innovations that have established SuperBlast as the industry’s premier portable — and as the leading candidate for infrastructure blasting projects.

  • Low profile reduces the strain of loading grit.
  • E-Z Fill™ breaks bags on contact, eliminating the stress of cutting and suspending heavy bags.
  • Built-in screen filters out clumps and debris that cause clogging in competitor’s pots.
  • Sound attenuator reduces noise.
  • Dry-Flo™ moisture and oil separator assures reliable performance under adverse conditions such as freezing temperatures.
  • Compact, front-mounted controls reduce the chance of damage during moves between job sites.
  • Slim design slips through narrow doorways.
  • Petcock, a safety feature, allows supervisors to signal operators and shut off blasting at the pressure vessel.
  • Large piping supplies plenty of air for fast work.
  • Flexible air line is easy to maintain and eliminates the pressure drops associated with multiple fittings.
  • Empire’s patented Sure-Flo® grit valve combines unmatched precision and reliability with easy maintenance.
  • Lifting eyes and wide handle simplify transport.
  • Pressure vessels, rated to a working pressure of 125 psi, meet ASME and National Board standards.
  • Large inspection port provides quick access to the pressure vessel’s internals.
Because of its many strengths, SuperBlast technology plays a central role in three other Empire product lines: Blast Rooms, Pneumatic Blast & Recovery systems and Blast/Vacuum equipment. All three product groups are friends to the environment and attractive candidates for infrastructure work.