How To Reduce Operating Costs And Improve Finishes With A Blast Recovery System

In applications where slag media or other economical blast media are utilized, the long-term costs start to mount quickly due to the media breaking down and having to be replenished. The disposal and logistics of constantly dealing with spent media turn into a large cost of operation.
By recovering the blast media and using recyclable media, the operation will move to a far more profitable and efficient process. This is where a Pneumatic Blast Recovery System (PRS) is ideally suited and can be easily incorporated into the existing layout.

Adaptable to any installation:
A Blast Recovery System can be customized to match a customer’s compressed air supply. There is an electrical starter for the motor built into the system so you do not need to buy a starter. This allows you to bring the main power to the unit for quick setup in most any location. The package is available on a skid or can be disassembled to fit the application. If the PRS system is sold with a blast room, the equipment will be mounted along the outside of the in blast room.

Media usage:
Reusable media are faster acting and less dusty, meaning you get the additional advantages of increased productivity and a cleaner working environment. With the PRS, you can move blasting operations into enclosures to comply with increasingly stringent environmental regulations. And, because the PRS recycles good media while removing dust and fines, blasting results are more consistent.
The system reclaims and cleans the media and is internally lined for longer life. Without this lining, the media rubs against the inner wall and will break it down over time.

Benefits for the operator:
The overall environment has less dust due to cleaning of reusable media.  Also, a built-in dust collector eliminates dust so the operators are exposed to less dust. Reloading the media is much easier. The operator scoops the media into the hopper on the floor versus lifting 50 to 100lbs of media into a pot. There are also options that allow a change from filter bags to cartridges or HEPA filters depending on the requirements of the blasting operation. Operator safety equipment is available with OSHA approved gear.
The whole PRS Blast & Recovery System is designed for easy installation for a wide range of applications. The benefits can be realized from start-up businesses with limited space or for improving overall cost control and picking up production efficiencies.