Pressure Boost Enhances PRS’s Reclaim Capacity

One of Empire’s proven work horses, our Pneumatic Recovery System (PRS), plays a central role within customer-constructed blast enclosures and within some of our new equipment. Its ability to retrieve, clean and recycle abrasives at rates of up to 70 pounds per minute appeals to customers who appreciate the savings associated with reclaiming media.

Now, we’ve given the PRS more punch. A modified blower impeller increases the vacuum in the system from 42” to 47” static pressure, enabling the PRS to recover heavier abrasives such as aluminum oxide and steel grit. To support this pressure boost of over 10 percent, we’ve introduced a couple of upgrades to the ducting. We’ve added a metal top hat to the reclaimer so that the flexible ducting now exits in a straight line; the top hat mounts in any direction. In addition, we’ve incorporated a 90° steel elbow at the entrance to the system’s 800 CFM dust collector, again to improve air flow.
Also, to further improve performance, we’ve upgraded the nozzle within the system’s exhaust-valve restrictor to highly durable boron carbide.