How To Reduce Operating Costs And Improve Finishes With A Blast Recovery System

In applications where slag media or other economical blast media are utilized, the long-term costs start to mount quickly due to the media breaking down and having to be replenished. The disposal and logistics of constantly dealing with spent media turn into a large cost of operation.
By recovering the blast media and using recyclable media, the operation will move to a far more profitable and efficient process. This is where a Pneumatic Blast Recovery System (PRS) is ideally suited and can be easily incorporated into the existing layout.

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Bring The Work In-House With Pre-Engineered Blast Rooms (PEB)

peb-blast-room-equipmentA Pre-Engineered Blast Booth (PEB) is designed for the company who is contemplating bringing work in-house. With no below grade requirements a PEB is a modest investment. Some key features of the system include; OSHA compliant enclosures, BVS ™ booth ventilation system, Electrical Controls , Safety Interlocked doors to assure safe blasting, SuperBlast®ASME – approved pressure vessels, Tunable Media Reclaimer and 10-hp blower to recover media at rates exceeding 70 lbs per minute.

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Ergo Abrasive Blast Cabinets Cabinets


From an operator standpoint air-blasting is a physically demanding operation. Manual blast equipment is strenuous to use. Typically the operator is standing for long periods of time and the blast process requires repetitive motions to ensure a proper finish.  These factors brought about the design of the Ergo Cabinet.  Why not have the operator sit down versus stand to facilitate task performance, minimize fatigue and repetitive stress injury by fitting equipment to the body size, strength and range of motion of the user.

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State-Side Success Opens Doors for Empire Rooms Worldwide

Pre-assembled rooms, available in heights of up to 10 feet and lengths to 20 feet, arrive ready for work.

The adage, “Success breeds success,” rings true for Empire’s blast-room business. Superior product quality and effective selling continue to fuel our growth in the room market, and improved logistics have added another catalyst. More specifically, our increasing abilities to source production and provide turnkey service from multiple locations within the United States have put Empire rooms at the forefront of the industry in this country. The rest of the world is taking notice.

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