How To Choose the Right Abrasive Blast Cabinets

Abrasive blasting is a technique to modify any surface and make it smooth, rough, clean, and finished. It is also the preferred treatment method for various surfaces — from soft metals to plastics — without the risk of distorting, corroding, or surface impregnation. Cabinets or systems used for abrasive blasting have nearly limitless applications, including cleaning, particle removal, deburring, etching, and finishing.

For nearly 75 years, Empire Abrasive Equipment has provided high-quality air-blast products. We are the industry leader in developing and manufacturing advanced air-blast machinery that meets the needs of our customers. We also gained a competitive edge in air-blast technology by delivering innovative products and solutions.

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Designed with Comfort in Mind

Empire is proud to introduce an ergonomic glove-ring design which promotes better operator performance with a built-in armrest.
As shown in the drawing to the right, the ERGO Ring changeover is fast and simple with hand tightened knobs. Entire glove assemblies can be switched quickly outside the blasting environment for better operator hygiene. Upgrading is easy and our retrofit package includes all needed parts.
  1. Remove old glove rings.
  2. Place new rings in cutouts to mark drill points.
  3. Drill 7/16” holes through marks.
  4. Pass 3/8” bolts through cabinet wall from the inside and secure with 3/8” nuts.
  5. Pass new rings over bolts and secure with knob fasteners.

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