Dual-Turntable, 4-Axis Pressure Blast Systems

EQUIPMENT: In order to meet the growing demand for multiple axis nozzle control systems, Empire has developed a dual-turntable, 4-axis pressure blast system with state-of-the-art PLC controls. System was further enhanced with a touch-screen display for operator inputs. The user-friendly design surpasses many other similar types of air blast systems available today.
The 3-axis, 4-nozzle manipulator provides access to hard-to-reach areas from above or below the part. The X and Y axes position the manipulator to maintain nozzle distance. The arcing action of the 3rd axis (wrist-type) is able to clean the top and underside of all surfaces and other complex profiles on specialized parts.
INDUSTRIES: Molding facilities, automotive, tire, aircraft engine and frame manufacturers.

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