Shot Peening Systems

Empire has specialized in shot peen equipment for close to 50 years. Though the visual appeal of a shot peening machine is very similar to a conventional ‘blast cleaning’ machine, the process is quite different. Shot peening is all about controlling the process of blasting. Shot peening is driven, protected and monitored by audits and specifications. Conformance to such audits and specifications is the only way one can achieve repeatable, accurate and consistent peening results. At the core of all blasting processes is the concept of transferring impact energy on to the component being processed. In shot peening, we monitor and control this impact energy by its major constituents – air pressure, media flow rate, constant media size, media shape and several other parameters. Empire offers a variety of platforms to meet any customers part configurations and specifications.

Conventional Shot Peen Systems

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Shot Blast Cabinet SystemShot Blast TT48 Indexing TurntableShot Peen OD And ID Lance

Custom Shot Peen Systems

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Shot Blast CellShot Blast Cell 2Shot Blast Continuous TurntableShot Blast Custom Robot 1Shot Blast GTGShot Blast Propeller SystemShot Blast Set UpShot Blast Set Up 2Shot Blast Test Fixture

HMI Controls

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Shot Blast Cabinet OverviewShot Blast Cycle Status 3Shot Blast HMI Cycle StatusShot Blast HMI Cycle Status 2Shot Blast HMI FaultShot Blast HMI Fault HistoryShot Blast HMI Flow TrendingShot Blast HMI OverviewShot Blast Recovery OverviewShot Blast Vessel OverviewShot Peen HMI Main MenuShot Peen HMI Recipe

End of Arm Tools

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Shot Peen Nozzle HolderShot Peen Nozzle ManipulationShot Peen Part Manipulation

Shot Peen Controls

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Shot Peen Control PanelShot Peen Flow ControllersShot Peen Magna Valve

Aerospace Shot Peening

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Aerospace Shot Peening System 1Aerospace Shot Peening System 2Aerospace Shot Peening System 3Aerospace Shot Peening System 4Aerospace Shot Peening System 5Aerospace Shot Peening System 7Aerospace Shot Peening System 8Aerospace Shot Peening System Catch TestAerospace Shot Peening System PLCAerospace Shot Peening System Vision System 1Shot Peener RBT Vision 1Shot Peener RBT Vision 2Shot Peener RBT Vision 3

CAD Drawings

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Shot Blast Aerospace IndustryShot Blast Automotive IndustryShot Blast Automotive Industry 1Shot Blast Automotive Industry 2Shot Blast Energy IndustryShot Blast Transportation Industry