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Blast Room – Mechanical Recovery System

Empire’s Pro-Loader: Bulk Media Transport System

Empire’s Factory Tour

Empire’s TT36-S-12 Indexing Turntable System

Empire’s RS-6060 Batch Processing Machine with Nine Gun Suction-Blast Rotary Head System

BB-4 Basket Blaster – Abrasive Blast Cabinet

RBT36-F Robotic Blast Cell Overview W/incremental Part Rotation

RBT60-A ABB Robot System With 6 Axis Robot & 7th Axis Part Control With Air Blast

RBT36-F Robot Cell With Coordinated 7th Axis Motion And Blast

TT 36S Indexing Turntable 16 Oscillating Guns, PLC Controls, 6 3 2014

CTT-53RS Continuous Turntable Rotary Head With 9 Guns

6060RS With Rotary Head Batch Air Blast System, 48″ Turntable, Part Blast

PF4848 PRC6 With Vertical Operator Lift Platform, Powered TT, Vertical Sliding Door & Pressure Blast

PF3642 PRC-6 Proformer Modified Dual Cabinet Air Blast System With Carts

SP60120 PRC-16 Special Horizontal Air Blast System

TT20 PRC-12 Indexing Turntable Air Blast System W/oscillation & Light Curtains

PF2636PRC-6 Prolifter System

CM3648 SRC-9 Cell System W/vertical Sliding Door, Vertical Oscillation

CM3036 PRC-9 Vertical Blast System W/part Clamp

Rotary Head Air Blast Equipment

Empire Blasting Equipment