Reduced Part Handling to Lower Operating Costs

PROCESS: Etch piston rings, ID and OD’s, to prep for wear coatings
INDUSTRY: Automotive, Aircraft and Small Piston Engines

  • SPCL3648-P Cell Pressure Blast System
  • Front load Vertical Sliding Door, ID/OD part processing
  • 3 cu. Ft Pressure pot with Fixed Orifice Media Regulators
  • Vertical ID Lance and two (2) OD nozzles
  • PLC control with Process Recipes Storage
  • Operators safety curtain with “Part Ready Button”
RESULTS: To meet the customer’s need for reduced part handling to lower operating costs, Empire provided a system to process the ID and OD in the same system. The Cell System was able to do both blasting requirements at the same time.
By being able to process the complete part in a single unit, our customer was able to reduce their labor costs by up to 25 %. Their old processes included a complete additional load and unload plus transportation to the second wet blast system.
With the use of a pressure blast system over their old suction process and wet blast combination, finish results improved and less blast time was needed which further helped cost reduction and pay back.