Empire has developed an Indexing Turntable

PROCESS: Empire has developed an Indexing Turntable with a horizontal and vertical oscillator to process pistons for an engine rebuilder. The process incorporates ceramic media for cleaning of the complete outside with no product damage. Due to their increased production, the previous cleaning method had to be upgraded but they also wanted to look at alternative processes to lower cleaning cost.
INDUSTRIES: Automotive, Truck, Small Engine Rebuilders

As the result of lab testing, we were able to recommend a machine with specific nozzle control functions that exceeded their production requirements. As an added benefit, this approach allows them to meet their future product expansion
grit-blast-tt48-indexing-turntableEMPIRE EQUIPMENT:
  • TT-48, 12 station, 6 index cycles
  • Vertical and horizontal Oscillation
  • 16-5/16” Suction Guns Nozzles
  • Separate Pressure Controls, 8 guns each
  • 1600 cfm media reclaim system
  • EM2-4 Cartridge Dust Collector
  • Up/Down part processing
  • Media make-up hopper
  • Safety Light Curtains

Due to the various piston sizes and shapes, the independent oscillators were able to get into their designated areas with excellent cleaning results. Each group of 8 guns has their own pressure and programmed process controls.

Two stations are presented to the appropriate gun group for designated area cleaning. Oscillation movement is preset and manual nozzle adjustment is not required. This allows for more or less cleaning in some areas to minimize over blasting and part damage but still clean the part.

With separate gun movements, vertical and horizontal, the system maintains excellent production times of 30 to 60 seconds per part even with the never-ending cleaning variations presented. The media makeup hopper insures a good working mix for an additional process control without increasing operator involvement.