Empire Abrasive Reclaimer Wear Resistance Options

RECLAIMER WEAR: For improved overall system reliability, Empire provides various wear resistant options for increasing the life of its air blast equipment. The ABRASIVE RECLAIMER is one of the most directly affected components. It demands very aggressive wear considerations.
The reclaimer is unique because it is in the direct flow of abrasive 100 % of its duty cycle. Plus, it performs an extremely critical function–separation of dust from the usable abrasive. The cyclone has been in existence for many years and they all essentially have the same problem – high potential wear in one area. Due to an abrupt change of direction at the end of the inlet opening, a highly concentrated wear area is created.

Once the laminar flow is transformed to centrifugal motion, wear is minimized but still needs to be considered. Reclaimer wear is addressed several ways – from unprotected to coated options:
  • Standard–11 gauge Steel Reclaimer (unlined, no outside wear band)
  • BETTER–External Steel Wear Band (Rubber lined outside bolted steel plate)
  • BEST–Bonded ULTRA-WEAR® Coating (Inside bonded lining)


Each of these options provides an effective resolve for a customer’s particular reclaimer wear and budget considerations.
SUMMARY: Depending on the type of abrasive being used, the amount being conveyed and other system issues, each reclaimer option will meet a particular process demand. From the standard unlined reclaimer to the HIGHLY EFFECTIVE ULTRA-WEAR® lined configuration, Empire has the workhorse for any application.
1. STANDARD RECLAIMER: (UNLINED)–This is an eleven (11) gauge steel weldment designed to handle a multitude of general abrasive flow applications. In most cases, this is a single gun operation with medium usage.
2. EXTERNAL WEAR BAND: For longer duty cycles with a single gun system and more aggressive abrasives, this option will provide increased reclaimer life at a minimal cost by protecting only the high wear area.
3. ULTRA-WEAR® LINED: For continuous duty systems and very aggressive angular abrasives, this option will provide increased reclaimer life for all challenging applications. Even though the initial cost is high, it can in most cases, provide 10 or more times the life over the conventional non-coated reclaimer.