Empire Abrasive Reclaimer Wear Resistance Options

RECLAIMER WEAR: For improved overall system reliability, Empire provides various wear resistant options for increasing the life of its air blast equipment. The ABRASIVE RECLAIMER is one of the most directly affected components. It demands very aggressive wear considerations.
The reclaimer is unique because it is in the direct flow of abrasive 100 % of its duty cycle. Plus, it performs an extremely critical function–separation of dust from the usable abrasive. The cyclone has been in existence for many years and they all essentially have the same problem – high potential wear in one area. Due to an abrupt change of direction at the end of the inlet opening, a highly concentrated wear area is created.

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Uniform Flat Part Processing

PROCESS:To meet a customer’s need to process flat parts uniformly across their surface, Empire added a horizontal oscillating movement to our standard 6060RS Rotary Head System. By providing this additional motion, the rotating guns were able to evenly cover the inside and outside table
diameters. The 6060 RS standard configuration included a vertical sliding door and a 12” horizontal Rotary Head Oscillator with six (6) suction guns. Again, with the additional movement of the head, flat sheets were uniformly covered and blast intensities across the table surface were equalized.
INDUSTRIES: Sign and Tile manufacturing, surface etching

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Abrasive Blasting to Etch Large Flat Sheets

PROCESS: To improve air blast etching of large flat sheets, Empire develops an automated system to process large sheets with minimal operator involvement. The main objective was to produce a uniform blasted surface, on one side, within a self-contained environment.
INDUSTRIES: Coating Suppliers and Manufactures

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