Bring The Work In-House With Pre-Engineered Blast Rooms (PEB)

peb-blast-room-equipmentA Pre-Engineered Blast Booth (PEB) is designed for the company who is contemplating bringing work in-house. With no below grade requirements a PEB is a modest investment. Some key features of the system include; OSHA compliant enclosures, BVS ™ booth ventilation system, Electrical Controls , Safety Interlocked doors to assure safe blasting, SuperBlast®ASME – approved pressure vessels, Tunable Media Reclaimer and 10-hp blower to recover media at rates exceeding 70 lbs per minute.

The PEB typically sets-up in only a few days with minimal requirements – yet provides high quality finishing.

With the low initial investment this system is a perfect solution for startup companies. Available in five sizes, these booths ship flat and can be self assembled by three people using a fork lift in two days. Because the PEB bolts together and requires no excavating, it can be disassembled and set up at new site in less than a week making it ideal for companies leasing space.


All PEB parts, ranging from the central blast and recovery system, to pre-wire electrical connections and 14 gage wall panels are engineered and manufactured by Empire. This assures balanced performance among components and provides users with a single source of responsibility for overall system performance.

In summary, for many applications requiring strict environmental and safety compliance, Empire’s Pre-Engineered Booths offer an attractive alternative to makeshift enclosures or higher priced blast rooms.


The Pre-Engineered Blast Room is designed to maximize efficiencies for the operator