Demo Labs

Empire’s testing and product demonstration facility is unexcelled by any other manufacturer of air-blast finishing equipment. The lab houses a comprehensive list of equipment purposely selected for prototyping, validation and process optimization.

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Empire’s Product Support Managers have years of experience in evaluating the many ways to blast and peen almost any part. The best way to determine the right solution for your unique finishing and production requirements is to send parts to Empire.

Demonstrator Lab Equipment list:

  • CM3672-S Two Station Blast Cell Machine – Features two 100 lb. capacity part rotation stations, a 24″ stroke vertical oscillator, and a horizontal positioner with a 24” stroke adjustable vertical I/D lance. The system is capable of pressure or suction blasting.
  • RBT4884 Robotic Air-Blast Cell Machine – Features pedestal mounted FANUC robot and 7th axis part rotation. The system is capable of manipulating both the part and nozzle.
  • RS-6060 Batch Processing Machine – Features nine-gun rotary technology and 48″ powered turntable with 1,000 lb. capacity.
  • IL885 – Features pass through processing with both fixed guns and horizontal oscillation.
  • PF6060 Hand Cabinet – Setup to quickly evaluate both pressure and suction blasting. This adaptable cabinet features a front access door with crane slot and a 36″ flush-mounted 300 lb. capacity powered turntable. This robust cabinet includes a 5″ I/D pipe vestibule and basket assembly to process smaller workpieces.
  • BB4 Basket Blaster – Designed to batch process small to medium size parts and is outfitted with the flexibility to blast with either pressure and suction.
  • ProFormer™ 3642 – A self-contained “drop in place” system that requires only two connections, air and electrical, and includes features offered in our high production Pro-Finish® line.

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